Fresh new look, better TraXu


Simpler and easier to use

We’ve given our app a fresh new look. You will find the same familiar features but we’ve just made it easier to use.

Download the app now on the App Store and Google Play.

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New features to keep you connected

Watch the video to see the highlights of our new features and a quick guide to get you familiar with our new look.

Find My Team

Find My Team lets you stay connected to active members in your organisation. Find them on the map while they’re performing an activity.

It also lets you view the location of your company’s custom points of interests.


What do I when I get the latest version?

Download and install the latest version from Google Play or Apple Store. If you already have your username and password, login to the app using the same credentials. Make sure you allow location and notification services when prompted. To enable location tracking in real time, set location permission to Always when prompted.

I forgot my username and password. How do I retrieve it?

You may reset your password from the mobile app. Simply provide your username and an email will be sent to your registered email address with a link to reset the password. Your username is typically your business email address.

How do I enable notifications for TraXu?

Notifications must be enabled so that you can receive check-in notifications even if you’re not using the app. To enable, selected “Allow” when prompted on first use. Alternatively, go to your device Settings page. Search for the TraXu app. Select Notifications option and choose Allow.

How do I enable my location services?

Location services are required to get the routes and tracking. It must be turned on for the app to function. To enable, select “While using the app” when prompted after first use, and then “Always” when prompted again. Alternatively, go to your device Settings page. Search for the TraXu app. Select Location option and choose “Always”.

Am I being tracked all the time?

Your location is only tracked when you start an activity and is stopped after you have completed the activity. Your location is tracked so that NRC is able to know your last known location in case any incidents arise.

I am not a registered user. How do I find my customer code?

If you have not registered yet, you will need your customer code to create an account. This will be provided to you by your business manager.

My activity has been escalated and I couldnít check-in

If you miss your check-in, NRC will start the necessary follow and escalation procedure. Once the activity has been escalated, you will not be able to check-in or complete your activity via the mobile app. You will need to call NRC to check-in, or they will close this for you once they have the assurance that you are ok.

I donít have a mobile signal. How will I use the app?

If you donít have a mobile signal prior to starting the activity, you will not be able to use the mobile app and you will need to use the NRC call in service so that your activity can be monitored. If you already have an activity in progress, you may continue with the app however this will have limited functionality. You will only be able to check-in and close the activity once you have internet connection.

I keep getting an unexpected error and couldnít login to the app. What do I do?

Please kill the app and check that your location and notification services on your device settings are enabled for TraXu. Restart TraXu and try logging in again. If the error persist, try uninstalling the app and download it again from the app store. Try logging in again and make sure you enable the location services when prompted.

Who do I contact if I am having technical difficulties?

For technical support, please call +61394113193 or email