The NRC Story

Our Story

The NRC has a long history in response services including fault and emergency
call-handling and dispatch, employee safety monitoring, and crisis team mobilisations.


We started our journey as part of Victorian Gas and Fuel in 1972. Since then, our business has grown beyond traditional gas fault and emergency response activities and extended to include employee safety services across a range of industries including construction, oil and energy, utility, mining and government sectors.

Our growth over that time has been built on our reputation for delivering consistent and reliable 24/7 support and recognising the need to invest in dynamic and flexible solutions that maintain quality and evolve with the needs of our customers.

Our alignment of processes and services to ISO standards delivers our customers a quality, safe and reliable service. In an often highly regulated environment, our commitment to meeting these standards ensures superior customer service.

Over the years, the NRC has been recognised by industry associations on a number of occasions for its high-quality response centre operations.

We Offer

Today we offer customers real-time support across all our services, playing an important role in first response across a number of fault, emergency and community hotlines. We also mobilise emergency response teams and monitor employee welfare, helping your employees get home safely at the end of each day.

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