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Employee Safety

We provide monitoring services for employee activities including long distance driving, working alone or remotely, attending unknown premises and daily welfare checks.

Our monitoring services are supported by our dedicated 24/7 monitoring and response centre. This allows us to deliver a reliable service and reassurance that we are looking out for your employees' safety at all times.

Our Services

Asset Integrity

Monitoring assets reduces safety risks and helps businesses run efficiently and smoothly. We can monitor asset telemetry that goes into alarm, escalating to designated points of contact. We monitor pipelines, embedded networks, sewage treatment plants, wind and solar farms, remote unmanned assets and more.
Remote monitoring of your asset telemetry has clear benefits, including improved alarm response, reduced field technician fatigue and flow on operational impacts.

Our Services

Emergency And

We are a highly trusted provided of critical emergency and response services;

  • Faults & Emergencies: Around the clock management of inbound and outbound response hotlines.
  • Dispatch: Efficient dispatch of reported faults and emergencies direct to field resources.
  • Crisis Team Mobilisation: Activation of management teams in the event of a crisis or emergency.


Bringing Employee Safety To Your Fingertips

TraXu is a purpose-built app designed to support a range of health and safety monitoring services. Fully supported and monitored by the NRC Response Centre 24/7, it's a comprehensive solution that takes the worry out of everyday employee safety monitoring.

Easily log your activities
TraXu allows in-field users to register, update and close a range of monitoring activities such as Journey Management, Lone & Remote Worker and Confined Space Entry via the app.
Custom locations
Whether you're working on a remote area with no named address or a known physical asset, you can create your own location or point of interest for easy reference.
Checkin and notifications
Users can manage check-ins via the app, with notifications before their due time expires. Activities are monitored 24/7 by the NRC Response Centre so users are assured they are being looked after if incidents arise.
Daily service usage reports are provided so you know how much activity is being performed by your team or a specific user. These reports are also accessible via the customer portal.

Trusted By Leading Companies

Our Integrated Service Offering Is Unique

In addition to our established monitoring service, call-in monitoring service, and employee safety app TraXu, we also have the flexibility to integrate and monitor existing customer employee safety technologies.

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