Over 48 years experience in providing Health & Safety Response Solutions

Underpinned by 48 years of operations, and backed by Origin Energy, NRC provides a range of Health & Safety Response services across a wide spectrum of industries. Our solutions are geared to support your people and assets, freeing up the business to focus on its core operations and ultimately become more efficient.

Our sophisticated, 24/7 Melbourne-based control centre is designed to provide highly reliable, robust, responsive and streamlined solutions through specially trained response officers, equipped with the latest and most innovative technology.

NRC prides itself on the professionalism of staff, willingness to explore every option and our ability to seamlessly fit into any business, for the short or the long term. No matter how long the journey, we’re there for every step.

  • We embrace new ways of harnessing technology to benefit clients, having seen many changes and transformations over the years, while at the same time utilising the resilient processes that have served our clients well.
  • We are trusted to monitor the welfare and safety of employees, including those undertaking higher risk activities.
  • We manage emergency and non-emergency hot lines on behalf of customers, some of which are large and well-known national and multinational companies.

Reliable, well-informed and with decades of experience behind us, NRC is unique in that we are able to tailor our services to any business, any time, anywhere, throughout Australia, New Zealand and the Asia Pacific regions. We hold ISO accreditations in Quality, Safety and Environment.

Our Mission

  • To bring about better outcomes for clients’ businesses
  • To arm others with the professional services and personnel they need to take their businesses to the next level
  • To promote a zero harm culture through our range of solutions
  • To be there when it matters, with answers, with advice and with the right solutions to enable businesses to streamline, potentially save money and focus on their core activities
  • To build upon our 46 years of experience, reliability to become a major provider of Health & Safety Response solutions to businesses in Australia and Internationally.

Our History


National Response Centre (formerly Service Control Section, Service Dispatch and then Central Dispatch – Gas and Fuel Corporation of Victoria) was established in 1972 following the conversion of Melbourne from town gas to natural gas and has been operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week ever since.

At the time, NRC’s main function was to manage Gas and Fuel’s inbound emergency calls and outbound dispatch activities which included field response to emergencies and gas appliance repair and maintenance.


In December 1999, Origin Energy (formerly Boral Energy) acquired the NRC business and secured existing service agreements from the Victorian Government. The NRC brand was established and our services were offered to other industry participants.


By 2003, NRC had established itself as the leading provider of emergency response services within the gas and oil exploration and production, generation, gas distribution, energy retailing and water markets.


During 2012, NRC further enhanced its capability by expanding its suite of safety related services such as journey management, lone and remote worker, fatigue management, confined space entry, dedicated response to In Vehicle Management System (IVMS) and personal locator beacon alerts and mobilisation of crisis and group emergency management teams.


Today NRC maintains a unique and trusted standing amongst the broad energy and energy related industries and is recognised as providing vital services to organisations striving for zero harm environments.