Employee Safety Monitoring

We Specialise In Providing Services To Help Keep Your Employees Safe

Employee Safety Monitoring

Employee Welfare Monitoring

Our Employee Welfare Monitoring service is provided by our highly available Response Centre, leveraging a wide breadth of technology solutions to proactively monitor, respond to and protect your employees' safety in a range of work environments both domestically and globally.

Safety Monitor

We Monitor Remote Workers

Whether your employees or contractors are remote workers or more urban-based lone workers, we provide an efficient and straightforward service. Your team can register, check-in and close out activities through our established call-in service, our purpose built welfare monitoring app TraXu, and a range of other devices – so that you know that your employees are safe at all times. We monitor all open activities, following customer defined HSE protocols around check-ins, until completed.

The NRC also provides monitoring of your existing communications platforms, critical device alarms and notifications. We monitor in-vehicle management systems, satellite and radio critical events such man down or vehicle roll over where immediate response can be life-saving. Our 24/7 availability ensures someone is looking out and responding whenever your team is on the ground working, giving you and your employees that peace of mind.

Employee Welfare Monitoring

Journey Management
Lone or Remote Work
Confined Space Entry
Daily Welfare
Monitoring Made Easy

Monitoring Made Easy

  • Simple and easy to follow
  • Use our mobile app TraXu
  • Call in call out support via the 24/7 response centre
  • No workflow process to supervisors and managers
  • Fully managed by our response centre – we will only alert you if we can’t reach a member of your team

How We Work


We setup your account and users with important contact & escalation details.


Log Activities

Log your activities via the TraXu mobile app, or our call in/call out service.



Check-in at various points throughout your activity via the mobile app or by calling the response centre.



As check-ins or completions become overdue, we will commence the escalation process, confirming the users' whereabouts and safety.



Once complete, close your activities via the TraXu app, or response centre.


Safety Monitor

We Monitor A Broad Range Of Devices

We understand that remoteness presents network communication challenges. We can work to overcome them with you, with flexible approaches to safety monitoring that can use different communication platforms already in use within your business such as satellite and radio, in addition to our own mobile app offering TraXu.


NRC manages the monitoring and response of your company owned fleet in-vehicle management system on your behalf for both non-critical and critical events including but not limited to duress, panic, and roll-over alerts, and can also encompass system event testing.


Our Omnitronics RediTALK-Flex dispatch console allows NRC connectivity to customer-owned analogue, DMR, Tetra, EDACS and P25 radio networks.


TraXu mirrors our traditional call-in service, managing check-ins and real-time escalations when due times expire without in-field acknowledgement. The call-in service remains available. TraXu can also locate your workforce using GPS location services. A practical solution for companies without IVMS but looking for a simple tool for placing the whereabouts of their team on a map.


The NRC also responds to alarms and notifications received from existing customer satellite devices such as personal location beacons (PLBs), SPOT and In reach. In the event of an emergency (SOS) and in conjunction with established GEOS response protocols, the NRC monitoring solution supports rapid business notification and emergency team mobilisation as required. For those businesses using check-in functionality within their satellite devices, the NRC response centre also flexibly monitors and reacts to missed check-ins in real-time, 24/7 meaning someone is always ready to respond – no matter the time zone, no matter the location.

Critical Events Monitoring

We provide critical events monitoring of your other devices such as IVMS, radio and personal locator beacons, giving you greater coverage and flexibility, as well as minimising the risk for your growing mobile workforce.

NRC Access

Extend access to your satellite and IVMS platforms and setup critical notification alerts.

Log Activities

NRC will monitor your systems 24/7 or as required.


On receipt of critical event alert, NRC will commence follow up and escalation process in line customer HSE protocol.


NRC maintains a log of events for all monitoring escalations which can be forwarded in real time or accessed from customer portal.


Testing regimes and response exercises are all part of our service.

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