Working at NRC

Working at NRC


Thank you for your interest in employment opportunities with the National Response Centre (NRC).

This is the information you need to help you decide whether you would be interested in one of our roles and whether you think you would be suited to a response centre environment.

It contains some general information about the positions as well as the organisation, work environment, training and development, employee support and remuneration and conditions of service offered at the NRC.


To be eligible for a position at the NRC, you must be an Australian citizen or a permanent resident who is eligible for employment in Australia.

It is important to review the information on this page before you consider applying for a position. When assessing applications, we will be looking for demonstrated suitability for the roles focusing on the following criteria.

Our modern state of the art response centre is based in the heart of Melbourne. The centre operates 24/7 and response roles are 100% on-site.

When you apply for a position with us, your information is collected by Origin Energy Limited (ABN 30 000 051 696) or one of its subsidiaries, affiliates, or representatives (together, Origin Energy or we or us).

Our Privacy Policy sets out how you may access and correct the personal information we hold about you and how to lodge a complaint relating to our treatment of your personal information. Our Privacy Policy and contact details are available at or you can email us at

Work Environment

The NRC work environment is best described by the following:


The NRC performs critical functions on an around the clock basis and requires team members to attend work reliably. Shift rotations can present challenges and should be considered before applying.


This response environment requires close attention to detail and insists on process adherence and focus to always facilitate efficient and proficient response services. Team members must be able to maintain the required level of adherence and action whether it be in practice or own development.

People Contact

People contact is an important component of the role. This includes:

Administrative Tasks

The following administrative tasks are an essential component of the role:


The NRC is the termination point for over 23 emergency and 15 non-emergency lines around Australia and several factors will impact activity levels within the centre ranging from time of day, day of week, time of year, environmental events as well as field personnel incidents.

There can be extended periods of time, such as in the early hours of the morning where call activity is very low and conversely there will be periods where activity is high because of incidents such as network outages/emergencies and / or convoy departures.

Response Scenarios:

With 38 different response lines handled by the NRC, one of the features of the centre is its diverse range of events. Incidents range for assistance from dealing with, but are not limited to, gas leaks and emergencies, to water bursts, to supply faults, to electricity outages, to council enquiries, to employee safety monitoring activity.

The NRC receives calls from a broad range of individuals and groups who from time to time may have trouble communicating their needs or who are highly emotional and frustrated with their situation. Call takers and dispatchers are required to remain calm, professional, and focused throughout to ensure quality response is provided to all callers.

The NRC is a response centre dealing with a range of activities connected to processing reported incidents, mobilising first response as well as responding to critical safety events involving different communication platforms. The operation is highly coordinated and closely monitored.

Team actions are focused on proficient and expert response - response across all services may vary in required actions but all rely on professional, mature, and disciplined understanding of the importance and significance of first response.


The NRC operates 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, and employees may be engaged on one of two different bases as detailed below. The basis of employment will be clearly specified in the letter of offer issued to all employees prior to their commencement in the NRC.

Day Workers

Day workers can be scheduled between the following hours: 6am to 4pm start times, Monday through to Sunday including Public Holidays. The roster will typically rotate the start time every fortnight, though this is at the discretion of the business and the NRC reserves the right to roster according to operational requirements.

Shift Workers

You may be rostered to work 12-hour shifts with commencement times of 7.00am for day shifts, and 7:00pm EST for night shift to cover a full 24 hours, Monday to Sunday inclusive. Shift work roster is comprised of the following shift rotations. Two-day shifts and three-night shifts with four days off. Three-day shifts and two-night shifts with five days off.

Note: Please think carefully about how rotating rosters and shift work will impact on you and your family and what personal support networks are available to you to assist you in managing these responsibilities and your other personal commitments.

Remuneration & Benefits:

Remuneration and benefits are in accordance with provisions of the National Response Centre Enterprise Agreement 2022.

A reasonable number of additional hours can be allocated with rostering principles as outlined in the NRC EBA 2022. Additional hours worked will be entitled to additional payments as outlined in the NRC EBA 2022.

On average overtime penalties can contribute an additional 10-15% in additional payments annually. Note number of overtime hours is not guaranteed and additional payment amounts will vary depending on availability to work additional hours.

Response Officer (day worker) exclusive of superannuation

Effective 1-Sept-23 Effective 1-Sept-24
Minimum Salary $63,025 $64,601
Minimum Thereafter Rate $67,969 $69,668

Response Officer (shift worker) exclusive of superannuation

Effective 1-Sept-23 Effective 1-Sept-24
Minimum Salary $102,693 $105,260
Minimum Thereafter Rate $110,748 $113,517

Senior Response Officer (shift worker) exclusive of superannuation

Effective 1-Sept-23 Effective 1-Sept-24
Minimum Salary $115,874 $118,771
Minimum Thereafter Rate $124,962 $128,086

Qualifying Period:

New employees covered by the NRC EBA 2022will be subject to satisfactory completion of a six- month qualifying period commencing on their first day of employment. During this qualifying period either party may terminate the employment relationship by the giving of one week's notice or by payment or forfeiture in lieu as the case may be.

Selection Process:


The selection process consists of an initial application screening, Telephone Screening, and an assessment that may include but is not limited to, communication, data entry, psychometric testing, health Assessment including drug and alcohol testing, a National Police Record Check, Interview and Referee Checks.

Application Screening

We will assess your resume and responses to application questions against the requirements of the position.

Telephone Screening

We will contact you by telephone to discuss your application and the position in more detail. We are interested in why you have applied for the position and your expectations.


If short listed post phone screen, you will be invited to an interview. This is an opportunity for you to tell us more about yourself and your relevant demonstrated experience and for us to gather more information about you through planned interview questions designed to evaluate further your suitability for the role. You will be required to participate in role play scenarios focused on lateral thinking and troubleshooting.

Health Assessment

Short listed applicants will need to undertake a medical comprised of a hearing and vision assessment as well as mobility drug and alcohol test.

Note: NRC is classified as a high-risk site and is subject to unannounced drug and alcohol testing.


We require provision of three (3) referees with whom you have worked in a subordinate capacity, including your most recent manager or supervisor who can be contacted to discuss your application.


Applicants who complete the selection process and meet the selection criteria will be eligible for appointment with the NRC. Offers will be extended to applicants whose attributes are most closely aligned with the company’s requirements.

Training and Development

The NRC operates a multi-skilled Response Centre, committing to develop all team members in all aspects and facets of response functions including response call-handling, dispatching, scheduling, and safety service monitoring.

Development is phased over a twelve (12) month period and advancement to the next phase will align with achieving competency requirements and expectations as well as adherence and contribution to our purpose and value driven behaviours.