Duress Alarm Systems Monitoring

Communication pathways for safety.

Organisations with employees working off-site or away from vehicles need to provide employee communication pathways, for HSE industry standards and compliance.


Through NRC, you can outsource the function of monitoring your personal location beacons (PLBs) and duress alarms with the assistance of GPS tracking. We can provide 24/7 added support to your employees carrying PLBs and immediate responses to activations. Your employees’ welfare is our priority and through PLBM and duress alarms, your lone workers are under constant proactive welfare monitoring.

In the event of an emergency (SOS) the NRC PLB monitoring solution will aid in your employee’s safe rescue. With the ability to connect both via satellite, standards networks and radio to your device, NRC can provide fit for purpose monitoring for PLB hand held devices including SOS and proactive loneworker welfare checks.