Employee Welfare Monitoring

Complete welfare monitoring, near and far.

Monitoring ensures you comply with HSE policies and industry standards and to ensure members of your team are travelling safely as they go about their work to different sites and locations. Monitoring assets reduces safety risks and helps businesses run efficiently and smoothly.

Outsourcing monitoring helps you focus on other areas of your business, with peace of mind that your team and core assets are being monitored appropriately with safety and well being at heart. Operating 24/7 with accessibility to a backup facility, NRC has the capability to monitor activities undertaken by your employees such as journeys, both domestically and globally.

In addition, our monitoring services are appropriate for lone workers, workers in isolation and workers using confined space entry. Vitally, managing fatigue is also part of the service. We also monitor your company’s physical assets to ensure everything is working as it should.

Our solutions leverage off 24/7 call centre support, automated capabilities and mobile technology to proactively monitor, respond to and protect your employees’ safety and important assets in a range of work environments, both domestically and globally.

NRC has launched a welfare monitoring app for in-field users. TraXu is a purpose-built app designed to support the range a health and safety monitoring services provided by the NRC. As a subscribed customer TraXu allows in-field users to register, update and close a range of monitoring activities such as journey management, lone  and remote worker, confirmed space entry and fatigue management via the app.

TraXu mirrors the call-in service, managing check-ins and alarming for real time escalations when due times expire without in-field acknowledgement and the call-in service remains available where connectivity interferes with use of the app.

TraXu can locate your workforce using GPS location services. A practical solution for companies without IVMS but looking for a simple tool for placing the whereabouts of their team on a map.