Outsourced Control Room Service

Create efficiencies by outsourcing control room management.

Sometimes, field supervisors and technicians take on additional duties including control room monitoring functions and response to alarms. Employees are woken throughout the night to respond to SCADA alarms and this results in fatigue.


This can cost your business dearly, not only in reduced business hours due to increased breaks, but in employee dissatisfaction and reduced wellbeing. The ability for organisations to outsource established control room monitoring operations to NRC creates efficiencies within the business, reducing fatigue management and cuts overheads. It also enables management of important HSE industry standards & compliance.

We can provide the service on a 24/7 or after hours only to enable an immediate response to SCADA alarms and if required dispatching of technicians to site. NRC is embedded within your operations and operates as an extension of your business, supporting your team and ensuring your team stays rested, focussed and reliable.

In addition, we can manage inbound calls from the field, work order scheduling and dispatching of work orders on a 24/7 basis. This helps businesses requiring support for call overflows, after hours support, reduced staffing, annual leave and assistance over public holidays.