Ensuring the utilities sector is equipped for change

Consumers expect well-maintained, reliable services from utilities, including water. We provide support at all levels, organisations and departments to enhance and streamline current processes and manage the health, safety and wellbeing of people, assets and systems. The utilities sector has evolved over the last decade, and with this has had to find smarter, faster and more efficient ways in which to provide services to consumers.

Challenges such as continuing supply during extreme weather events and bushfire risks are of primary focus to stakeholders and consumers. Also, equipment supplied by these organisations needs to accommodate tougher and more stringent performance standards. Technology has and will continue to play a large role in transforming this sector, increasing its capability to support current and future needs. Delivering services and infrastructure effectively, efficiently and in a timely and sustainable manner is of primary focus in conjunction with providing a safe and healthy workplace environment for employees.

Our approach 

NRC is experienced at providing realistic, relevant, workable solutions to utilities. This includes providing capabilities to schedule & dispatch jobs to your people, and contractors. Front of mind for many businesses is employee health and safety. NRC has this covered in being able to proactively manage the welfare and fatigue of your people through robust 24/7 monitoring, proactive check-ins, in vehicle monitoring and alerts communicated on hazardous events.

An extension of our services is the capability to monitor your organisations, assets, providing alerts on weather based events that may impact functionality. For those employees who require multiple modes of communication methods, NRC can provide an additional layer of communication via digital radio solutions, Personal locator beacons, lone /remote worker monitoring. We are equipped to assist you.

NRC has the capability to assist with business hours and after hours call support as well as call overflow, providing 24/7 services where required and ensuring designated customer service levels are met. All businesses are required to have a solid evacuation management plan. NRC’s people and systems can be utilised to support you anytime and anywhere.