Streamlined solutions for manufacturing

Businesses within manufacturing are continuously looking for ways to innovate, streamline and refine existing processes to evolve and keep up. Managing employees’ and contractors’ health, safety and wellbeing, particularly those whose roles require long distance travel or carrying dangerous/heavy goods to other sites, is always a top priority.

Your manufacturing operation will benefit from NRC’s support to schedule and dispatch jobs/work orders, provide business and after hours call support to your in-field people, manage the evacuation and or emergency mobilisation requirements or monitor the safety of your people’s journeys.

Our approach

Whether your business makes products from raw materials, or shifts ready-made products or chemicals, NRC can provide realistic, relevant, workable solutions for you. These include dispatching and scheduling of work orders/jobs, journey management, proactive welfare checks and in vehicle management monitoring of your employees. For those employees travelling into remote locations, NRC can provide digital radio solutions and personal locator beacons, adding an extra layer of safety and security.

We can assist with business hours and after hours call support as well as call overflow, providing 24/7 response services where required and ensuring designated service levels are met. Where employees require jobs to be dispatched and scheduled, we can manage this function. In addition, we can help with evacuation plans and other regulatory requirements and compliance.