Healthier outcomes for healthcare

Just like any modern industry, healthcare has had to find smarter, faster and more efficient ways to provide services to consumers. An ageing population necessitates the ability to meet ever-increasing demand. Technology plays a huge role and has transformed the industry, with organisations escalating rapidly alongside intensified competition.

Aged care facilities and pharmaceutical businesses are responsible for the safety and wellbeing of their employees, contractors and visitors to both business and residential sites. Every day, they need to support a range of people including doctors, nurses and pharmaceutical specialists to ensure zero harm. In addition to people, the requirement to innovate, streamline and refine existing processes is always present, and with this comes the need to manage assets too.

Our approach 

We are adept at managing health, safety and wellbeing of people with roles requiring long distance travel to sites both in businesses and homes, operating machinery and or carrying dangerous goods. We can manage the end to end process from scheduling to dispatching jobs to monitoring journeys for those employees and or contractors in-field, provide business and/or after hours call support, or assist in managing the evacuation and or emergency mobilisation requirements.

Whether your healthcare business provides specialist staff, makes products or supplies medical based devices/assets, NRC can provide realistic, relevant, workable solutions. We can also conduct proactive welfare checks and in vehicle management monitoring. For those employees travelling into remote or residential locations, or multiple sites, NRC can provide digital radio solutions and personal locator beacons for extra safety and security.

We also have the capability to assist with business hours and after hours call support as well as call overflow, providing 24/7 response services where required and ensuring designated service levels are met.