Keeping the transport industry safely on the move

Transport companies often require support to manage the health and safety of employees responsible for driving fleets across Australia in both metro and regional locations. In some instances drivers may be required to travel long distances and be responsible for carrying hazardous and or flammable liquids. They also may require support through a 24 hour direct response hotline to manage driver/employee concerns and escalate to the relevant internal contacts where necessary.

Our approach 

NRC can provide realistic, relevant, workable solutions to transport companies including journey management and in vehicle management system (IVMS) monitoring to manage fatigue and driver safety in a proactive way. We can also provide digital radio solutions for communications in remote locations, and personal locator beacons to allow employees additional mechanisms to raise the alarm when in need.

Transport companies may also require support to provide their people and assets a business /after-hours call in service. NRC is experienced at providing this service. Our latest in field mobility solution, NRC Early Warning (EW), can be utilised to alert travelling staff to potential hazards including bushfires, storms or roadworks that may impact their health, safety and wellbeing.