Seamless solutions for the engineering sector

Modern engineering projects are becoming more complex and demanding in design, with technology and sustainability playing a huge role. This has transformed the industry, increasing competition, and necessitating faster, more efficient ways to complete tasks. People are required to travel not only locally on long journeys, but also internationally to support the completion of new projects.

Engineering companies are continuously looking for ways to enhance the safe and wellbeing of their employees, contractors and visitors to sites, to ensure the focus is on zero harm at all times. In addition, the requirement to continuously innovate, streamline and refine existing processes is necessary to meet the ever-changing demands to protect the environment and with this comes the need to manage people and other assets.

Our approach

Whether your business produces assets, or provides specialist engineers, we can provide realistic, relevant, workable solutions. NRC helps to manage the health and safety and wellbeing of your people and assets. Your employee’s roles may require long distance travel, travel to sites, operating heavy machinery, or carrying dangerous goods, the NRC can support them every step of the way. For businesses that own assets, NRC has the ability to monitor these assets, escalating critical alarm events.

We are an extension of your business, supporting you to manage the end-to-end process from scheduling & dispatching jobs to proactively managing employees in-field undertaking journeys, ensuring their welfare and alerting them of potential weather, hazardous events and providing an extra layer of support via In Vehicle System Monitoring.

Our capabilities also extend into the provision of business and or after hours call support or assisting in managing the evacuation and or emergency mobilisation requirements for your business. For those employees travelling into remote locations and multiple sites, NRC can provide digital radio solutions and personal locator beacons, providing that extra layer of safety and security to your people.