Energy & Gas

Efficient support solutions for the energy and gas industry

Like all industries, the energy and gas industry has evolved over the past decade by providing smarter and more efficient ways to provide services to consumers. It is a closely scrutinised industry and consumers expect and deserve, well-maintained, reliable services from the sector. The challenge is to provide these services consistently to the community, while managing increased risks in exploration.

Technology has and will continue to play a large role in transforming this industry, increasing its capability to support current and future needs. Delivering services and infrastructure, effectively, efficiently and in a timely and sustainable manner is of primary focus, this working hand in hand with the ongoing requirement to provide a healthy and safe workplace environment for employees. Our services cover working with gas distribution, LPG & CNG distribution, energy retailers and pipeline asset management.

Our approach

We provide realistic, relevant, workable solutions to the energy and gas industry. These include scheduling and dispatching services to staff and contractors. We also monitor the welfare and fatigue of your people and assets by providing proactive check-ins and alerts of weather based events. Overseeing your employees’ journeys via 24/7 in vehicle management monitoring, providing an additional layer of communication via digital radio solutions, personal locator beacons, lone / remote worker monitoring are among the many solutions we can offer.

We can also assist with business hours and after hours call support as well as call overflow, providing 24/7 response services where required and ensuring designated customer service levels are met. In addition, we can help you with compulsory evacuation management plans