Smarter solutions for education institutes

Universities often require support to manage the health and safety of employees who may need to travel to multiple campuses and drive significant distances, or who may be stationed in remote locations. Student welfare and safety is of primary focus, and many universities are looking at ways in which to provide extra layers of security including 24/7 call response services to cater for this requirement. In times of a critical incident where evacuations of large groups are required, universities need to have robust action plans in place, leaving nothing to chance.

Our approach

NRC can provide realistic, relevant, workable solutions to universities and higher education institutions including employee welfare monitoring and end to end journey management. Where cellular coverage is not strong, options are available to provide communications for Digital Radios and 24/7 monitoring of duress alarms/personal locator beacons, these options also benefiting excursions outside the campus.

Your evacuation management plan can be outsourced to NRC and we can also mobilise your teams in times of a critical incident acting as a co-ordinator in the case of an emergency.

Our latest in-field mobility application, NRC Early Warning (EW), can be utilised to alert travelling staff to potential hazards that may impact their health and safety. To help achieve service levels and an enhanced customer experience, the NRC can provide business hours call overflow support. We have you covered.