Customer Portal Overview

The NRC Customer Portal is a web-based portal that allows customer users to view and manage details relating to their account, providing greater visibility and insight to their monitoring and inbound call services.

The portal offers the following features:

DashboardThe Dashboard provides a snapshot of the services related to their account, and child accounts
ActivitiesActivities allows customers to view the list and details of Inbound Calls and/or Monitoring Activities related to their account and any child accounts
ProfileProfiles allows customers to view the list and details of the profiles related to their account and child accounts.
POIPOI or Points of Interests allows users to view and manage the points of interests related to their account, or child accounts
Find My TeamFind My Team allows users to view the last known locations of users with an in progress activity, and points of interests on a map (This is only available for monitoring customers)
ReportingReporting allows users to view data related to their accounts through pre-defined reports. It also allows users to create their own reports.
Risk Assessment ConfigurationRisk Assessment Configuration allows users to define the risk assessment template for monitoring activities


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