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List Views

List Views provides you with the a set of data that is most relevant to you. In the portal you’ll find list views for Activities, POI (Points of Interests) and Profiles. This section will teach you how to work with list views and maximise some of it’s features such as: Pinning list view or setContinue reading “List Views”

Points of Interest (POI)

Points of Interest allows you create custom locations that can be used for monitoring activities. Points of interest can represent your assets, or buildings, and are particularly useful for locations with no named address. The POI tab allows you to view the list of points of interest for your account. It also allows you toContinue reading “Points of Interest (POI)”

Report Builder

The Report Builder is a visual, drag-and-drop tool which you use to create reports and edit existing ones. The report builder is where you choose a report type, report format, and the fields that make up your report. To launch the report builder, click New Report. To use: From the reports tab, click New Report. Choose a report type,Continue reading “Report Builder”

Find My Team

The Find My Team feature allows customer portal users to view the last known location of employees’ currently undertaking an activity on the map. Users are also allowed to drill down the activity details from the view as well. In addition to the employees’ locations, users can also view the points of interest on theContinue reading “Find My Team”

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